External Resources

Mail addressed to your MP at the address below is postage-free:

House of Commons   Parliament Buildings   Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

Members of Parliament — contact information

  1. Members of Parliament Directory – and find by postal code
  2. Canadian Political Parties (Wikipedia)

Canada’s political system — tools for action

  1. A summary of the Harker Commission Report: Human Security in Sudan
  2. Standing Committee on ‘Foreign Affairs and International Trade’

Other important links

  1. Free The Slaves information on child slavery
  2. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance — understanding others
  3. Social Investment Organization — information on ethical mutual funds

An orientation to Sudan

  1. Fact Sheet — Sudan — Government of Canada (DFAIT)
  2. Fact Sheet — Sudan — World Press Review (includes press and news links)
  3. www.sudan.net — extensive links and cultural information
  4. South Sudan maps — at the University of Texas library
  5. South Sudan OnLine — Humanitarian relief airstrips and villages
  6. CIA Work Fact Book –South Sudan