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Promise fulfilled

[Show thumbnails] For anyone following the news from South Sudan events haven’t been easy to take. So much promise only a few years ago as the world’s newest nation has devolved into tribal tensions in various parts of the country, leaving 1.9 million people displaced and a further seven million at risk of a similar fate. Hilde Johnson, the special representative of… Read more →

The Long Run

A group of Londoners tenaciously carries on its years-long commitment to South Sudan, a young nation beset by challenges (London Free Press — Feb 15, 2013) GLEN PEARSON “I’m nervous.” We could tell by the look on his face. For our 15-year-old son Ater, this would be his first trip back to South Sudan since he left it seven years… Read more →

Birth of a Nation

Despite long odds Republic of South Sudan celebrates a new beginning (London Free Press — July 9, 2011) GLEN PEARSON “It’s the moment my people and I have been waiting for and it’s finally here. We are free to determine our own destiny, to make our own way in the world of nations.” These words of Aben Kuol, a Sudanese… Read more →

Teen traveller makes mark

IN PERSON: Real education found on world stage (London Free Press — June 27, 2011) MASHOKA MAIMONA Two years ago, at 16, he was a delegate chosen to shake hands with Stephen Harper, President Barack Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy at a G8 summit in Italy. In January, he was the youngest Londoner named an international observer in the landmark… Read more →

South Sudan looks to us

Canadians, especially Londoners, have a role to play in the new nation’s future (London Free Press — February 12, 2011) GLEN PEARSON From every region and village they emerged from the woods and grasslands, determined to leave their personal fingerprint, not only for their generation, but also for those to come. These are the southern Sudanese of the new order… Read more →

Canadian Govenment Aid for Darfur Refugees

Assistance from the Canadian government builds water towers, helps to stabilize the region (London Free Press — March 13, 2010) GLEN PEARSON Vaulting up the water tower was clearly one of the more audacious things we have done in all our trips to Sudan. It couldn’t be helped, for reasons you’ll find below.Three years ago, when a team of Londoners… Read more →

Garang Leaves Gift of Hope for Sudan

(London Free Press — Editorial section — Wednesday, August 3, 2005) GLEN PEARSON Last week’s tragic death of Sudanese Vice-President John Garang in a helicopter crash has delivered a devastating blow to that country’s implementation of its new constitution. Signed only three weeks ago, the document effectively ushered in an era of cooperation and power-sharing between north and south Sudan… Read more →

Smart Aid Develops Business of Caring

(London Free Press — Viewpoint section — Saturday, February 26, 2005) GLEN PEARSON Modern communications have brought what used to be regionalized disasters to our television screens with explosive, graphic images and urgent appeals for donations. Yet as the recent events of the Asian tsunami reveal, the response can often be so immediate that it defies the ability of NGOs… Read more →

Sudan Rebuilds Hope

(London Free Press — Viewpoint section — Saturday, February 26, 2005) GLEN PEARSON The deal had been signed and everywhere we looked in south Sudan the effects of the recently completed peace talks stirred our thoughts and hopes. In the midst of the usual pessimism about African renewal Sudan stood out as a blueprint for future growth and development. Commissioner… Read more →

Diplomacy’s ultimate challenge

(London Free Press — Wednesday, August 11, 2004.) GLEN PEARSON News from Sudan is all the rage these days. The deeply troubling developments in that country’s western region of Darfur have been labeled “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing” or “crimes against humanity.” The disturbing reality about what appear to be extreme statements is that they are ultimately true. The horrors emanating from… Read more →