Smart Aid

Smart Aid is a program to help establish micro-enterprises in South Sudan. It encourages investors to visit the region and collaborate on initiatives that will benefit the local economy.

All profits go to fund CASS programs in local communities. This permits investors to receive a charitable donation receipt, while giving communities the resources they need to rebuild after a brutal civil war.

The next step . . .

CASS is working to establish two important components of life in south Sudan:

  • The first involves developing educational institutions, women’s empowerment programs and other activities to develop social life. While preparing the area for development, this provides neither jobs nor a productive economy.
  • The second is a partnership with business people who want to become social entrepreneurs. Smart Aid allows them to apply their business skills and resources to re-develop local economies in South Sudan.

Women’s empowerment and literacy

Women and children in South Sudan
Women and children in South Sudan

It has long been recognized that women and children are the primary victims of the ongoing civil war. Yet historic and cultural realities exist which impede a woman’s ability to be educated, learn a skill and become a leader in her own community. The southern government has asked CASS to assist them in bringing the rights and abilities of women into the mainstream of community life.

From discussions with leaders of the women’s movement, the consensus is that the number one requirement for women is equal access to schools and further learning. Women also need to be more involved in peace initiatives throughout the south. And then there is the issue of proper leadership training, something not available to the women of South Sudan in previous times. Finally, there is the need for women to learn skills to support themselves and their families.

Owing to the ongoing and brutal nature of the armed conflict, thousands of women have lost their husbands and are forced to depend on family members for support. They must now be provided the opportunity to earn their own living and direct their own future.


Through building school classrooms and providing courses for leadership training, CASS will cooperate with South Sudan leaders to ensure that women claim their rightful role in community and family decisions.

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